m1 investments — let’s start your investment journey

fresh out of college, my first job in 2009 was that of a financial researcher at a hedge fund. in my 2 years there, i didn't do too much research and very quickly realized i wasn't made for this world. the startup bug caught me early (in 2011) and i have never looked back since. but the one hobby/habit/interest that i have picked up over the years was managing money or investing. that hobby/habit/interest has accelerated in the last couple of years. i, ofcourse, actively manage (follow every day, rebalance often) my own portfolio and also advise a few friends. in a day and age where side hustles are getting more real by the day, i am now ready to jump into this world a bit deeper. but disclaimer first — i’m self-taught and not a professional financial advisor. please do your own research before investing.

m1 investments

the platforms to invest have multiplied and there is great content out there. but i feel folks hesitate to take the first step. and people who do, often don't think about their long-term goals. and that's where m1 investments comes in.

we help you take your first steps into the world of investing. we work on your goals and suggest the best products. we help you track and rebalance your portfolio. we cover all kinds of investments — equities, mutual funds, crypto, tax savings. your journey can start with your first thousand, lakh, or crore.

we plan to work with limited (10–15 only) clients over the next 12 months. we will invest using your personal investment accounts (like zerodha) so you always have complete control over your money. i’m just an advisor. there will be a small one-time fee for us to get started. if you are keen to take the first step then write to me on anandsinha87@gmail.com and we will fix a 15 min ‘vibe check’ call. you can then decide whether you want us to work together or not. if after the payment, in the first 30 days, you decide that we are not on the same page, i will refund your money. no questions asked.

as the first step, i'm sharing my portfolio and weightage with all of you. in addition to the equities (i love dividends and you might notice a few of the investments indexed towards higher dividends payouts), 5% of my portfolio is currently invested in crypto. i hold eth, matic, eos, cardano, dash and link. i plan to take this up to 10%. no bitcoin. i have recently started investing in startups and have invested in 5 to date.

a simple e-mail will help you get started — anandsinha87@gmail.com. let’s go!